What Does Pisces Like to Talk About?

Pisces has an innocent, whimsical nature and is deeply sensitive, emotional, and imaginative. So, forget talking to them about celebrity gossip, the stock market, the evening news, or career development. It’s not that they’re ignorant of these things, it’s that their thoughts usually drift to topics that stimulate their minds and light up their souls.

Initiating a Conversation

A Pisces is easy to talk to and can quickly get lost in conversations, especially good ones. However, they’re shy and insecure so you’ll probably have to be the one initiating the conversation. Flattery should break the ice. If you can add an odd joke to lighten up the mood or get beyond the surface level to the deeper meaning of any topic, the conversation will keep flowing.


Pisces love to talk about things that stimulate their emotions and imagination or topics that are, in one way or another, beyond the ordinary world.

Movies, Music, Literature, and Poetry

Pisces is creative and has a deep interest in all the creative arts. They love listening to music, going to movies, and reading books and poetry, the more unusual the better. Plus, they enjoy talking about the deeper meaning they find in works of art. A conversation exchange about favorite movies, books, or music is likely to spark long, stimulating conversations.


A Pisces often expresses their generosity and compassion for others through philanthropy. Conversations about those in need and what’s being done to help them and justice for all are sure to bring about some long and interesting conversations.

Spirituality, Mysticism, and the Supernatural

Pisces has a deep spiritual self and has an interest in subjects like dreams, mysticism, and reincarnation. Asking them about their past lives or telling them about a mystical or serendipitous experience you’ve had is certain to pique their interest and have them asking questions to help you find the deeper meaning. You could also ask them about their dreams but just make sure that you’re being honest and have a genuine interest in the metaphysical.

Ghosts, Spirits, and Aliens

Most Pisces believe in ghosts, spirits, and pretty much anything from the Twilight Zone. Most believe and have experienced things in this world that are otherworldly. Talking about the paranormal is always stimulating and interesting topic for a Pisces.

Your Problems

Pisces individuals are intuitive as well as natural counselors and listeners. If they sense you’re dealing with a problem, they are likely to ask you about it and be responsive and thoughtful in counseling you. The most important thing to remember if you choose to share your problem with them is not to be a sad sack and try to find a bit of humor in what you’re dealing with.

Conversational Tips

-Talking to a Pisces can be an ethereal, creative, mysterious, and perhaps confusing experience. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when talking to a Pisces.

-Be genuine from the first moment.

-Do your best not to be too serious.

-They can often seem to be staring off into space, but it’s not because they are disinterested; it’s because they get caught up in their imagination and are fascinated by what you’re saying. If you want to chat further, just call their name or do something to get their attention.

-A Pisces is gifted with stronger empathetic reactions than people. This heightened sense gives them an additional level to experience and interact with you.

-A Pisces is highly intuitive and will know when you’re not being genuine.

-Once the conversation has started, let Pisces take the lead.

-They have a sense of humor that can be a little silly or odd.

Pisces Speak From the Heart

Those with a Pisces sun or who have significant placements in Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac who tend to be a bit na├»ve, see the world through rose-colored glasses, and speak from the heart. They are kind, gentle, empathetic, and interested in anything imaginative. Logic is alien to them; they just “know” without having to ask and have faith that the world is filled with magical connections.